Modern Family Building Options - Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

The type of sperm donor one chooses is often a highly personal decision and depends on a number of factors. Various considerations and requirements apply, regardless of the type of donor chosen. Building your family with the help of donor sperm most often includes using an anonymous donor. Occasionally, patients choose to ask a friend, relative or other acquaintance to donate sperm.

Using an Anonymous Donor

Patients choosing to use an anonymous sperm donor must obtain frozen samples from licensed sperm banks located within the United States. NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York does not own or operate a sperm bank, but your care team will assist you in finding this resource.

The donor information, identity, ethnicity, and medical history sperm banks provide can vary widely, in addition to the number of donors each bank has available. A picture of donors is not often provided, but some sperm banks may have a provision for allowing future contact (releases of identification) between the donor and adult donor sperm offspring. Some sperm banks may also allow identification in the case of a medical need.

All certified sperm banks must meet specific donor screening requirements. Sperm is quarantined in order to virtually eliminate the risk of disease transmission. The donor is first tested for infectious disease, then donated sperm is frozen and held in a sperm bank for six months. The donor is re-tested for infectious diseases before sperm is made available to clinics and patients. Patients at Reproductive Specialists of New York may choose from most any certificate sperm bank, and are responsible for selecting the donor and paying the sperm bank directly for the sperm and shipping.

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